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I’m an author who is constantly experimenting with language and bringing new ideas to life.  I enjoy writing comedy and insightful stories. I spend way too much time thinking for my own good and have been writing novels and stories since 2015. I wrote the Mighty and Brennon cat book series because I realized that a lot of people know nothing about cats, and that includes some of my friends. I hope that the more people realize that cats make great pets, the more cats will get adopted. The series entertains and debunks a few myths. Real Hamsters Don’t Bite, book one of the Mighty and Brennon series, was released on May 29th, 2017. Both books in the series have been nominated for Reader’s Choice Awards by TCK Publishing.

I used to volunteer at no kill shelters for cats and dogs, and enjoy trying to teach my cat to talk (she can say one word so far). I’m generally eclectic and have a broad range of interests which include graphic design, psychology, literature, and science. Feel free to contact me. My email is writtenstoryplanet at gmail dot com.

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