book 1

Book 1: Real Hamsters Don't Bite

Two felines flee to their dream destination, a haven for cats, but they discover that they are not who they appear to be, and their dream place is not the oasis of milk and birds.

All is not what it seems…

*Featured on the “15 and Meowing” blog, the “Athena Cat Goddess” Blog, and on “Mochas Mysteries Meows” blog.

book 2

Book 2: Cats are Not Stupider on Jupiter; Vacuum Man vs. Cats

Two cats face their greatest feline fears when they race to save the solar system from destruction by the Vacuum Man.

Contains real facts about Jupiter for kids to learn.

*Nominated for the 2018 Reader’s Choice Award by TCK Publishing

book 3

Book 3: Mighty and Brennon Explore the Futuretarium

Mighty feels the fluid future with his paw, and ponders what materials he should use to build his bright future.

 Mighty finds out how to feel timeless and reveals whether he should try to outrun time.

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book 4

Book 4: Meows and Malaysia; Cats, Jewels, and Thieves

Two feline brothers, Mighty and Brennon, receive an urgent message from the wise cat who asked them for help.

Their efforts are temporarily thwarted when the two kitties find out that they have to travel to Malaysia with their mom and encounter a travel mystery.

book 5

Book 5: Cats and School are Cool; Creating Arts that's Smart

Mighty and Brennon get the chance to make kids happy for a month. When they get to class, the two cats are surprised to see their rival cat at school as well.

Soon enough they begin to suspect that their rival has some devious plans….

book 6

Book 6: Cats' Adventures in Wonderland

Mighty and Brennon, two feline brothers, fall down a rabbit hole and discover a mysterious land.

Mighty the Cat’s curiosity lead him down a rabbit hole and showed him a whole new magical world, but not all is as it seems.

Book 7: Cats' Easter Escape; Cats, Raccoons, and the Golden Egg

Mighty and Brennon are sent on a journey to find the ancient gold egg that has been the center of Starwood Village for centuries. Along the way, they receive an alert that the Easter Bunny is missing.

Mighty and Brennon hike up a mountain and cross the river while being attacked by wild animals. Will they be able to save the Easter Bunny in time for Easter and find the golden egg?

book 7