A Catastic Guide to Celebrating the New Year

1. ‘Paws’ and reflect- Reflect on your past year before entering full party mode. You can sit in your favorite spot by the window and watch the sun or snow as you think about your accomplishments, like finally catching that red dot and your disappointments, such as failing to jump to the highest shelf in the house.

2. Set Realistic and cat-aspheric goals for the new year- have a few goals you know you can reach, such as a 12-hour sleeping marathon, and ones you may have to stretch for, like walking a tightrope or learning a new trick.

3. Invite in your favorite furry pals for a celebration – Learning to share your space is an essential life skill, and ringing in the new year with your favorite human and furry pals couldn’t be more fun, especially if they come with bells and strings for you to play with as you count down to one. If things get too loud, you can always go hide by yourself. Playtime will keep you feeling young as a kitten and is good for your health.

4. Eat some tasty treats- Your human will probably be eating a nice dinner, so why not treat yourself to something special this eve, like that bag of treats you have been eyeing for weeks or your favorite wet food. It’s understandable if you wanted to cheat a little and steal some meat off your human’s plate.

5. New year, new start- It’s time to think big and try something new outside your regular napping hours. Explore the great outdoors or even just a new box in your house, and try walking on a fresh path that you’ve never smelled before.






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